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Michigan has 13 educational labels with specific eligibility requirements. A team can consider more than one category.

Disability specific information can also be found on our website using the dropdown box in the toolbar.  For students already receiving special education services, eligibility must be reviewed every three years.

The specific requirements are part of our state rules for special education. (Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education- MARSE).

If a student is not eligible for special education services, parents can consider a Section 504 Plan or general education supports.  If a student is not eligible one year, s/he may be eligible the next year, or as more information becomes available about their needs.

  • More information on eligibility and the evaluation process can be found on our Evaluation page.
  • We also have information available on Re-evaluation.
  • Besides the written information available, we also have an Free On-Demand webinars about eligibility and evaluation.

In 2017, Michigan Department of Education issued Guidance on Eligibility for Michigan Mandatory Special Education, Birth to Three

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