Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MET)

The Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team is part of the evaluation and re-evaluation process. Be sure to visit our Evaluation and Eligibility webpage for more resources on this topic. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Search the bigger A-Z list or contact us.

“Multidisciplinary evaluation team” means a minimum of 2 persons who are responsible for evaluating a student suspected of having a disability. The team shall include at least 1 special education teacher or other specialist who has knowledge of the suspected disability.- MARSE R 340.1701b

As part of determining eligibility, when the evaluations are done, the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team holds a meeting to look at the data/results, and determine if the child meets the eligibility requirements.

A MET form (you can request to see a copy in advance) will be used, and the MET will make a recommendation for eligibility.

The MET report will be presented to the IEP team, this can happen at the same meeting or it may be a separate meeting.

For students already receiving special education services, eligibility must be reviewed every three years through this same process.

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