Early Intervention Services 101

_____ Early On® Michigan, helping families coordinate services

_____ Let’s start to understand Early Intervention

NICHCY Legacy: Overview of Early Intervention

  • Page 2 – What is a Multidisciplinary Evaluation and Assessment?
  • Page 4 – What is an Individualized Family Service Plan or IFSP?
  • Page 4 – What’s included in intervention services?

_____ Let’s Look Closer at Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

Individualized Family Service Plan Required Elements– You can ask your Coordinator for a copy of the form your district uses

Infants and toddlers with an Established Condition are automatically eligible for special education services.

Infants/toddlers with a suspected delay or disability that’s not listed as an Established Condition should receive a comprehensive evaluation, just like any other child.  If they are found eligible under any of the thirteen eligibility categories, they are eligible for special education services. The labels ECDD, OHI, ASD, and SLI have additional guidance for understanding how young children meet those eligibility categories.

For an infant/toddler who’s delay is less than what is specified in the eligibility categories and isn’t eligible for special education services, they could still be eligible for Early On services.

_____ Let’s Look Closer at Natural Environments

______ Let’s Look Closer at Your Family’s Rights

Early On Michigan: Procedural Safeguards

_____ Let’s Look Closer at Leaving Early On (Transition) – preschoolers receiving Special Education services will need a new evaluation to determine if they are still eligible for special education. Parents of preschoolers who are found eligible for Special Education services will work to develop an Individualized Education Program

_____ Let’s Look at an Individualized Education Program

NICHCY Legacy: The Short-and-Sweet IEP Overview

Early On® Michigan – Measuring Child Outcomes – Information Guide for Parents

More topics for parents of infants and toddlers can be found on our webpage dedicated to resources for Babies and Toddlers, or search the bigger A-Z list or  contact us.

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