Early Intervention Services 101

_____ Early On® Michigan, helping families coordinate services

_____ Let’s start to understand Early Intervention

NICHCY Legacy: Overview of Early Intervention

  • Page 2 – What is a Multidisciplinary Evaluation and Assessment?
  • Page 4 – What is an Individualized Family Service Plan or IFSP?
  • Page 4 – What’s included in intervention services?

_____ Let’s Look Closer at Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

Individualized Family Service Plan Required Elements– You can ask your Coordinator for a copy of the form your district uses

  • Family Strengths, Needs and Priorities (Family Assessment)
  • Child’s Current Developmental Status (Child’s Evaluation)
  • Eligibility Determination, Established Conditions List
  • Early On IFSP Outcome (Goals and Objectives)
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Transition Plan (Leaving Early On)
  • Special Educational Accommodations, Modifications and Consideration (Special Education: In Michigan some infants and toddlers might be eligible for Special Education services. However, not all children receive Special Education services).

_____ Let’s Look Closer at Natural Environments

______ Let’s Look Closer at Your Family’s Rights

Early On Michigan: Procedural Safeguards

_____ Let’s Look Closer at Leaving Early On (Transition) – preschoolers receiving Special Education services will need a new evaluation to determine if they are still eligible for special education. Parents of preschoolers who are eligible for Special Education services will work to develop an Individualized Education Program

_____ Let’s Look at an Individualized Education Program

NICHCY Legacy: The Short-and-Sweet IEP Overview

Early On® Michigan – Measuring Child Outcomes – Information Guide for Parents

More topics for parents of infants and toddlers can be found on our webpage dedicated to resources for Babies and Toddlers, or search the bigger A-Z list or  contact us

What is Early On?– from the Michigan Alliance for Families Webinar Series

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