Schoolwide PBIS

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Be sure to visit our Behavior Resources webpage to better understand the process. 

What is SWPBIS?

School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and  Supports (SWPBIS)  is a proactive approach based on a three-tiered model of prevention and intervention. Emphasis is placed on teaching and reinforcing important social skills and problem-solving to address existing behavior concerns. SWPBIS can reduce discipline problems and increase time for instruction.

What is a tiered-model?

SWPBIS combines primary (tier one), secondary (tier two), and tertiary (tier three) prevention interventions.

Primary Prevention
•Universal Interventions
All students in the school

Secondary Prevention
•Targeted Interventions
•Students at risk for behavior problems

Tertiary Prevention
•Intensive, Individualized Interventions
•Students with serious or chronic behavior problems

What resources are available?

  • The State of Michigan has adopted a Positive Behavior Support Policy.
  • MiMTSS Michigan’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports Technical Assistance Center is working to develop support systems and sustained implementation of a data-driven, problem solving model in schools and districts to help students become better readers with social skills necessary for success.
  • Wayne RESA has many SWPBIS resources on their website, including Administrative Support for PBIS, Alternatives to Suspension, PBIS and Parents, PBIS in the Classroom.

We also have a series of webpages to help understand behavior:

Accommodations/Modifications Sometimes an accommodation or modification to the classroom or the curriculum is the solution to a challenging behavior
Behavior Intervention Plan A written plan that identifies problem behaviors and how they will be addressed.
Behavior is Communication All behavior happens for a reason, but why?
Bullying Definitions, actions to take, specific protections for students with disabilities.
Discipline Covering discipline, suspension, expulsion, manifestation determination review.
Functional Behavior Assessment/Analysis A process for collecting data and analyzing the function of (ie- the reason why) a challenging behavior is occurring.
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports An approach to addressing challenging behaviors that teaches positive behavior skills rather than just using punishment.
Seclusion and Restraint “Seclusion” means the confinement of a pupil in a room or other space from which the pupil is physically prevented from leaving. “Restraint” means an action that prevents or significantly restricts a pupil’s movement.
Sensory Processing dysfunction can be seen as noncompliance or bad behavior.
School-Wide PBIS A building-wide initiative to support all students in school.

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