Early Childhood Developmental Delay (ECDD)

Some children at a young age might have a delay in their development, but not meet the specific requirements of any other of Michigan’s eligibility labels. Children through seven years of age whose development is significantly delayed in one or more areas may qualify as Early Childhood Developmental Delay.

What do I need to know about developmental delay?

A thorough Developmental Screening to identify any Developmental Delay is a must. CDC has a good program called Learn the Signs, Act Early.

What do I need to think about for my child’s IEP?

A child with developmental delay may need different kinds of therapy (these are called related services):

  • Physical therapy (PT), which helps the child develop stronger muscles such as those in the legs and trunk. Through PT, the child works on skills such as walking, sitting, and keeping his or her balance.
  • Occupational therapy (OT), which helps the child develop fine motor skills such as dressing, feeding, writing, and other daily living tasks.
  • Speech-language pathology (S/L), which helps the child develop his or her communication skills. The child may work in particular on speaking, which may be difficult due to problems with muscle tone of the tongue and throat.
Also check out our webpage for Babies and Toddlers.

Is there some technology that can help my child?

Assistive technology is a related service listed in IDEA.  Technology is a key to leveling the playing field for individuals with disabilities.

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