Related Services

Be sure to visit our IEP webpage to see how Related Services fit into the IEP process. Also recommended:  Short and Sweet IEP Overview.  

Some children with disabilities need related services to help them meet the goals in their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Related services means transportation and other developmental, corrective, or supportive services that a child needs to benefit from special education.

Supplementary Aids and Services are  any aids, services or other supports that are provided in regular education classes or other education-related settings to enable students with disabilities to be educated with non-disabled students to the maximum extent appropriate.

Why might my child needs related services or supplementary aids/services?

Aids and services are developed to enable the student to make progress in the general education curriculum and advance appropriately toward goals. Aids and services may be provided in any of the following settings: general education, special education, nonacademic, and extracurricular.

Where are these documented in the IEP?

The IEP team determines the need for related services based on data included in the PLAAFP statement.

The IEP must specify

  • when the service will begin;
  • how often it will be provided and for what amount of time; and
  • where it will be provided

What about transportation?

Specialized transportation is considered a related service.


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