COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Michigan Alliance for Families has gathered these parent, community, and student resources. Parents should review their district’s plan and any associated documents.

Resources related to the pandemic: 

  • Return to School Resources Resources to assist with planning for success and problem solving for your child with an IEP/IFSP
  • Contingency Learning Plan IEP teams can create a contingency learning plan to explain the special education and related services the district will provide during time away from school.
  • Documentation/ Keeping Track for Parents Keep track of events and conversations to be better prepared for conversations about progress, extended school year, and compensatory education. Includes suggestions of how and what to log.
  • IEP Meetings During COVID-19 Tips for participating in virtual IEP meetings.
  • Foregone Learning Additional services districts may provide to students with IEPs. 
  • Helping Your Child Understand COVID-19 Find social stories and other supports for anxiety and mental health.
  • COVID Glossary  A quick look at new words and phrases being used.
  • Guidance and Resources from the State and Federal Government Executive Orders, MDE Guidance, and other State and Federal information
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