COVID Glossary

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There are some new terms parents will need to know for their child who receives special education services. 

CONTINGENCY LEARNING PLAN – For each student with an IEP, the state is encouraging IEP teams to create a contingency learning plan to explain the special education and related services the district is able to provide during the pandemic. This plan is individualized, based on the current IEP, and makes sure the student can access the education now being offered by their district. Districts are encouraged to develop the plan with input from parents because parents are part of the IEP Team. 

CONTINUITY OF LEARNING PLAN – Each district has developed a continuity of learning plan. This explains how the district will provide instruction for all students (including those with IEPs). This could be paper packet pickup, phone calls, online classes, or a combination of methods.


More information can be found at: Guidance for Compliance With the IDEA and the MARSE During the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)

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