Understanding and Coping

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This is nothing any of us have been through before. A scary new disease, changes to everyday routine – it’s a lot for all of us to digest.  Help your child understand what is going on with suggestions:

  • Speak calmly, be reassuring, and provide information geared to your child’s age and understanding level.
  • Focus on helping your child feel safe. Be honest, but keep news stories in context.
  • Positively frame the situation: by working together we can keep more people from getting sick, so school and other busy places are closed for now. 
  • Let them know it’s normal to feel stressed out sometimes.
  • Keep the conversation going, keep checking in.

Our staff have found these resources helpful:

Coronavirus Social Story A social story is one way to prepare your child for an event that is otherwise unfamiliar or unexpected.

COVID-19 Information By and For People with Disabilities (PDF) written in plain language by self-advocates

How You and Your Kids Can De-Stress During Coronavirus  from PBS Kids

Coronavirus Anxiety – Helpful Expert Tips and Resources helpful tips and strategies from mental health professionals

Support Individuals with ASD through Uncertain Times

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

Managing Problem Behavior at Home- A guide to more confident, consistent and effective parenting

Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellness During the COVID-19 Outbreak


Michigan.gov/StayWell offers resources for emotional distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Connect with emotional-support services without having to leave home.

Family Well-Being Guide

Helping Children Through Grief and Loss

Supporting Individuals who are Deaf, Deaf Blind, and Hard of Hearing (DDBHH) during COVID-19 

Tips for Caregivers During COVID-19

Tips for Teens: Take Care of Your Mental Health

Crisis Text Line By texting the keyword RESTORE to 741741, Michigan residents can have a confidential text conversation with a crisis counselor.

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