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Michigan Alliance for Families proudly presents our webinar series!  A webinar is an online presentation you can attend without having to leave your home or office.  It’s an opportunity to hear an expert speak for about an hour on a topic that interests you.  The February webinar schedule is listed here, and a series for April is in the works.


February 4, 12pm-1pm What is a Due Process Hearing for Special Education?
One of the dispute resolution options available under the law is a due process hearing. This webinar will cover the process, timelines, and components.

February 11, 12pm-1pm Understanding the Evaluation Process Is your child eligible for special education?
This webinar will explain the evaluation process for determining eligibility for special education supports and services in Michigan.

February 18, 12pm-1pm After the Evaluation, What Next?
Has my child been found eligible for Special Education or NOT? If found eligible – now what? If not found eligible – now what? This webinar will cover both possibilities.

February 25, 12pm-1pm and repeated 7pm-8pm Progress Monitoring
How do you know if your child is making progress on their IEP Goals and Objectives? Learn about collecting and charting data during this webinar.

On Demand Webinars

We have an archive of webinars available for when you need access to learn, understand, and manage  topics related to special education. Our webinars (like all of our learning opportunities) are free for parents, caregivers, and educators.

We partner with experts from across the state to present “live” webinars at specific times. Each archived webinar and the accompanying Powerpoint presentation (PPT) is listed below.  All of our webinars are available for viewing on our Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/MichiganAlliance).  A WMV (Windows Media Video) file is also avalailable for download. Many webinar how-to questions are answered on our FAQ page.  If you need more assistance, please contact us.

TOPICS:  Academics   Assistive Technology   Autism   Individualized Education Program (IEP)   Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)   Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)   Problem Solving   Section 504   Transitioning to Adulthood

Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Eligibility and Evaluation for Special Education Services EligibilityEvalThumb-play.jpg Eligibility and Evaluation Webinar PPT
Michigan Eligibility Categories
Eligibility and Evaluation Webinar WMV File   
Extended School YearESY Thumbnail Extended School Year Webinar PPT
Michigan Standards for ESY  Guidance on Standards
Extended School Year WMV File   
IEP 101 IEPEnglishThumb-play IEP 101 in English Webinar PPT
Developing Your Child’s IEP (NICHCY)
IEP 101 WMV File  
IEP 101 in Arabic IEP 101 in Arabic Webinar PPT
IEP 101 WMV File  
IEP 101 en español IEPSpanishThumb-play IEP 101 in Spanish Webinar PPT
Developing Your Child’s IEP- Spanish (NICHCY)
IEP 101 in Spanish WMV File   
Inclusion: Free Appropriate Education in the Least Restrictive EnvironmentInclusion Inclusion Webinar PPT
Is Inclusion Happening in Your School Community
Inclusion WMV File
Notice of Provision of Services
and Prior Written Notice https://youtu.be/08a5PYtYugU
Notice Webinar PPT   MDE Initial Notice
MDE Notice of Provision of Services   MDE Reference Guide
Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance StatementImpPLAAFPThumb-play PLAAFP Webinar PPT
Model IEP Form
Developing Your Child’s IEP (NICHCY)
Procedural SafeguardsProcedural Safeguards Procedural Safeguards Webinar PPT
MDE Procedural Safeguards Notice
Procedural Safeguards WMV File   
Progress MonitoringProgressMonitoringThumb-play Progress Monitoring Webinar PPT
Is Your Child a Struggling Reader?
Progress Monitoring WMV File  
Supports and Services, including Accommodations & ModificationsIEPAccommThumb-play Supports and Services Webinar PPT
Developing Your Child’s IEP  Related Services
Accommodations and Modifications
Supplementary Aids/Services
Supports and Services WMV File   
Thinking About Goals and ObjectivesGoalsObjThumb-play Goals and Objectives Webinar PPT
Model IEP Form
Developing Your Child’s IEP (NICHCY)
Goals and Objectives WMV File 
Virtual Schools for Students with IEPsVirtualSchoolThumb-play Virtual Schools Webinar PPT
Virtual Schools WMV File   
 Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)
What is Early On®?What is Early On What is EO? Webinar PPT
Early On WMV File

Early On® Law


Early On Law Webinar PPT
Early On® and TransitionEOTransition-thumb Early On and Transition Webinar PPT
EO Transition Timeline
Components of IFSP and IEP
How to Choose an Early Childhood Program
Preparing for Transition  Developing Your Childs IEP
Early On Transition WMV File
Problem Solving
Advocacy and CommunicationAdvocacyCommThumb-play Advocacy and Communication Webinar PPT
Family Involvement Overview
PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships
Six Types of Parent Involvement
Advocacy and Communication WMV File   
Special Education MediationMediationThumb-play Mediation Webinar PPT
Mediation WMV File   
Working Together When We Don’t AgreeWorkingTogetherThumb-play Working Together When We Don’t Agree Webinar PPT
Working Together WMV File  
State Complaints

State Complaints Webinar PPT


Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)
Behavior is CommunicationBehaviorCommThumb-play Behavior is Communication Webinar PPT
Behavior is Communication WMV File
Introduction to Positive Behavior SupportsPBSThumb-play PBS Webinar PPT   PACER FBA Handout
MDE Schoolwide PBS Guide
Sample FBA    Sample BIP
PBS WMV File   
Suspension/ Expulsion:
Discipline Rights for Students with IEPs
Discipline Rights Webinar PPT
What Parents Need to Know about Mental Health and EducationMHandEdThumb-play Mental Health and Education Webinar PPT
Mental Health WMV File   
Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology ConsiderationsATYouTube Assistive Technology Considerations Webinar PPT
AT WMV File   
Autism 101Autism101Thumb-play Autism 101 Webinar PPT
Autism 101 WMV File  
Peer to Peer Support: The Link ProgramPeerThumb-play Peer to Peer Webinar PPT
Peer to Peer Support WMV File   
Visual Support StrategiesVisualSupportsThumb-play Visual Support Strategies Webinar PPT
Visual Support Strategies WMV File    
Reading BasicsReadingBasicsThumb-play Reading Webinar PPT
Is Your Child a Struggling Reader?
Reading Basics WMV File   
Personal CurriculumPC-thumb Personal Curriculum Webinar PPT
PC Updates
Personal Curriculum WMV File
Transitioning to Adulthood
Agency Support/Services OverviewAgency Overview Agency Supports/Services Webinar PPT
Transition Agency Supports Overview WMV File   
Person Centered PlanningPCPThumb-play Person Centered Planning Webinar PPT
Person Centered Planning WMV File   
Rethinking Guardianship: Facilitating Life-Long Self-Determination (Part 1)Rethinking Guardianship Part 1 Rethinking Guardianship Webinar PPT
Rethinking Guardianship 1 WMV File   
Rethinking Guardianship: Facilitating Life-Long Self-Determination (Part 2)RethinkGuardPt2Thumb-play Rethinking Guardianship Webinar PPT
Rethinking Guardianship 2 WMV File
Self-Determination: Building a Successful Future for People with DisabilitiesSelfDetThumb-play Self Determination Webinar PPT
Self Determination WMV File   
Transition and the LawTransition and the Law

Transition Law PPT

OSEP Transition Q&A  

Transition OverviewTransitionOverview Thumbnail Transition Overview Webinar PPT
Transition Laws and Regulations Summary
WIOA Youth Overview
Age of Majority in MI
NICHCY Potential Consultants to the Transition
Empowering Parents
Transition Overview WMV File
Transition IEPTransition IEP Transition IEP Webinar PPT
Age Appropriate Assessments
Transition IEP WMV File 
Section 504
Section 504: Coming Soon!Section504OverviewThumb-play Section 504 PPT


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