Handouts for Michigan Alliance for Families workshop: Collaborating on Transition

  1. Collaborating on Transition PowerPoint- 1 slide per page (updated 2-24)
  2. Collaborating on Transition PowerPoint- 3 slides per page (updated 2-24)
  3. Transition Step By Step: From Special Education to Adulthood An outline for the active steps to take at specific ages
  4. How Can My Child Be Involved in  the IEP Process?
  5. Educational Development Plan Fact Sheet Family Matters
  6. نشرة حقائق خطط التطوير التعليمي (العربية)
  7. Hoja informativa: Plan de desarrollo educativo (español)
  8. Self-Advocacy Tips for Vocational Rehabilitation Suggestions for students with IEPs when working with a VR agency
  9. Age Appropriate Transition Assessment, Wayne RESA
  10. Graduation Decisions for Students with Disabilities, MDE
  11. Special Education Problem Solving Fact Sheet Family Matters
  12. نشرة حقائق حل مشكلات تعليم ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة (العربية)
  13. Hoja informativa: Resolución de conflictos en la educación especial (español)
  14. Resolution Options in Special Education SEMS
  15. Michigan Rehabilitation Services Website
  16. Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Website
  17. State of Michigan Introduction to Supported Decision Making
  18. State of Michigan Power of Attorney Forms/Templates
  19. Transition to Adulthood: Your Rights

Follow up questions can be directed to us at info@michiganallianceforfamilies.org, or contact your Regional Parent Mentor directly.

If you need any of these documents in an alternate format for accessibility purposes, contact Jackie Igafo-Te’o at jackie@michiganallianceforfamilies.org

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