Workshop- ACMH YPS

Handouts for Michigan Alliance for Families workshop: ACMH YPS

  1. IEP Intro to Transition PPT- 1 slide per page
  2. IEP Intro to Transition PPT-  3 slides per page
  3. NICHCY Developing Your Child’s IEP: Parent’s Guide
  4. MDE IEP Form
  5. IEP 4 Column Arrow Sheet
  6. PACER Accommodations
  7. PACER Modifications 
  8. Transition Planning Process – Arrow Sheet
  9. LifeCourse – Search the site for 
    1. Search the site for TRAJECTORY | EXPLORING
    2. Search the site for DOMAIN VISION TOOL
    3. Focus on Quick Guide in the Life Experience Series TRANSITION TO
  10. Good Day Plan
  11. Good Day Plan User’s Guide

Follow up questions can be directed to us at info@michiganallianceforfamilies.org, or contact your Regional Parent Mentor directly.

If you need any of these documents in an alternate format for accessibility purposes, contact Jackie Igafo-Te’o at jackie@michiganallianceforfamilies.org