Return To School 2023

Every August, Michigan Alliance for Families Parent Mentors present a free series of webinars to help parents of children with IEPs as we get ready to head back to school. 

Planning Your Child’s Return to School with Amy Croff, Nicole Miller, and Kris Moore
A discussion on embracing change as we return to a new school year. We will discuss:
· Planning for returning to school with new challenges
· Understanding how to build for success
· Tools for communication and making positive relationships
Heading to Preschool with an IEP with Kelsey Biswanger, Esmina Hamzagic, and Victoria Martinez
This discussion will give parents a better understanding of the different preschool options available when their child has an IEP, and who they can turn to for more support or questions about their child. Topics will include:
· What is an Individualized Education Program and the importance of individualization
· Preschool options
· The Least Restrictive Environment and the benefits of inclusion
· Building your community in the preschool realm
Level Up: What to Consider for Your Student When Moving to Middle or High School with Andrea Beachnau, Sherry Kenworthy, and Amanda Thielen
A conversation on how to support your student as they face new challenges including a new building, new schedule, new staff, and increased responsibility and course work.
· Providing tips to prepare for the transition prior to the start of school
· Understanding how to build supports and relationships for more success during the school year
· Planning for the future in school and beyond
Your New SPIN on the School Year with Sally Beauchamp, Joyce Dearhamer, and Karen Wang
High school is all about making decisions to prepare for your future. Join us for this workshop about decision-making processes and making sure your opinions are heard. We will cover:
· What Self-Determination is and how it affects you
· How to use your strengths, preferences, interests and needs to get the most out of high school
· Finding ways to advocate for yourself
· Making everyday decisions
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