Handouts for Michigan Alliance for Families workshop: Rethinking Guardianship with Dohn Hoyle

  1. Rethinking Guardianship PPT- 1 slide per page 2023-03
  2. Rethinking Guardianship PPT- 3 slides per page
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sIs2VQ3GFQ As you watch this short video about adults with significant disabilities living lives of their choosing, please keep in mind that none of them have/had guardians.
  4. More resources on alternatives to guardianship from Michigan Alliance for Families

Follow up questions can be directed to us at info@michiganallianceforfamilies.org, or contact your Regional Parent Mentor directly.

If you need any of these documents in an alternate format for accessibility purposes, contact Jackie Igafo-Te’o at jackie@michiganallianceforfamilies.org

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