Webinar FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Webinar?
The term webinar is short for web-based seminar. A webinar is an online presentation you can attend without having to leave your home or office. The presentation is shown on your computer and sends sound through your computer (via speakers or headset). There is no phone number to call.

What is an On Demand Webinar?
We present “live” at specific times. Most webinars are archived (recorded/ saved) and made available for future viewing. On Demand webinars are posted to our YouTube channel.

What if I have a question about what I heard on the webinar or have a follow-up question?
Michigan Alliance for Families is here for you! Call 1-800-552-4821 or email us info@michiganallianceforfamilies.org.

Is there a cost for the Webinar?
Michigan Alliance for Families webinars are presented at no cost. Michigan Alliance for Families is an IDEA Grant Funded Initiative of the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education, and Michigan’s federal Parent-Training and Information Center (PTIC) funded by U.S. Department of Education,Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).

Are there any tech requirements for the live webinar?
Participants need a computer with internet access (cable, DSL, or better) and an email address. No special software is required, but you will be prompted to download/run a file the first time you access the Go To Webinar software. You will listen through your computer, so functioning speakers or headphones are needed.  GoToWebinar apps are also available for smartphones.

How do I sign in to a live webinar?
Once your registration for a live webinar is confirmed, you will receive an email with weblink. At the date and time of the webinar, log on through the weblink provided. We recommend you log on 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the webinar to connect and check your audio settings. On Demand Webinars can be viewed at any time.

Are there handouts?
Handouts will be distributed through Go To Webinar during the live webinar. Handouts for On Demand webinars are available by emailing info@michiganallianceforfamilies.org.

How do I participate in a live webinar?
To minimize background noise, participants are muted during the presentation, but participants can interact with the webinar host through the chat /question and answer feature available during the webinar. Presenters will answer as many questions during the presentation as time allows or may follow up with individuals post-presentation. Follow-up inquiries can be directed to info@michiganallianceforfamilies.org.

Is there tech support available for the webinar?
We use software called GoToWebinar. A quick reference guide is available, along with a GoToWebinar FAQ.

What if I need accommodations?
If you require accommodations or materials in an alternative format, please let us know at least two weeks before the workshop by emailing info@michiganallianceforfamilies.org or calling the Information and Referral Office at 1-734-994-8100 ext 1590.

Why do you need our personal information to register?
As a requirement of our grant, we must collect information on who we provide services to. All of your information is kept private. Some questions are required (name, city/town, etc), and some are optional (race/ethnicity).

What is the follow-up survey about?
After the webinar, you will receive an email asking you to complete a very short online survey. This helps us evaluate the quality of the work we do. It’s also an opportunity for participants to give feedback on what they did (and didn’t) like.

What if I have questions about registration, attending, etc?
Michigan Alliance for Families staff is available to answer your questions. Please call 1-734-994-8100 ext 1590, or email info@michiganallianceforfamilies.org.

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