Michigan Merit Curriculum, Personal Curriculum, Graduation Decisions

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Visit Transition to Adulthood for more resources on the transition process. 

The Michigan Merit Curriculum defines a common set of required credits for graduation and provides educators with a common understanding of what students should know and be able to do for credit. All high school diplomas issued in Michigan now meet these requirements, so there is consistency across the state.

From Michigan Department of Education:

State law requires schools to begin developing an Educational Development Plan (EDP) in Grade 7 and requires that every student has an EDP before high school. EDPs are updated as student interests and abilities become more obvious and focused. The EDP shows educational and career goals, a way to achieve these goals, and the activities accomplished. Data from the EDP can be used to inform transition planning.

 Michigan Merit Examination (MME)

The Michigan Merit Examination (MME) assesses students in grade 11 and eligible students in grade 12 based on Michigan high school standards. MME is composed of three parts

  1.  A free  college entrance exam score that can be used to apply to college.
  2. A free WorkKeys assessment that connects work skills training, and testing to improve students’ education and job opportunities.
  3. Michigan assessments that measure what students know that parents, educators and employers say is important in core subject areas.


Mi-Access is Michigan’s alternate assessment system.

  • Accepting an alternate assessment is an IEP team decision.
  • Mi-Access website includes info on student supports, accommodations, and the different levels of participation.

Personal Curriculum (PC)

The Michigan Merit law allows a parent to request certain modifications to the state high school graduation requirements. Personal Curriculum is a general education initiative, not a special education.

These Parent Guides provide a description of the Personal Curriculum (PC) process. Understanding this educational option will help in making informed decisions about your student’s educational experience and path to earning a high school diploma.

Remember to also check out Michigan Department of Education Personal Curriculum webpage.

Will my child get a diploma or a certificate of completion?

A high school diploma is awarded to students that have met the Michigan Merit Curriculum graduation requirements. A certificate of completion might be given to certain students at the discretion of the local school district.

What about modifications at the high school level?

For a student to receive a diploma, they have to meet the standards of the Michigan Merit Curriculum. The district may decide that there are certain content standards that cannot be modified (changed), because changing too much of the required content would mean the student isn’t learning the required MMC content. Michigan law also allows a parent of a student to request certain modifications (under specific conditions) to the state high school graduation requirements.

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