hospital equipment at home with child in bed

Homebound and hospitalized service is a program designed to help students who are physically unable to attend school due to a medical condition keep up with their studies. These services allow the classroom teacher to work through the homebound teacher to help distribute course materials, deliver instruction, and monitor the student’s progress.

A physician who is either an M.D. or a D.O. or a licensed physician’s assistant must submit certification that the student has a medical condition that requires them to be hospitalized or confined to his or her home during regular school hours and that is expected to require the hospitalization or confinement for a period longer than five school days.

Psychologists, chiropractors, or other professionals may not certify a person as eligible for homebound services. 

The school district is required to provide a minimum of two nonconsecutive 60-minute instructional periods per week for pupils with an IEP.

Homebound services may not be used to manage student behavior or as a type of discipline.

If a student’s behavior impedes their learning or the learning of others, the IEP must address the behavior by providing the supports and services necessary for the student to successfully participate in school.

The student’s behavioral needs can be met through annual goals, related services, and/or supplementary aides and services. The IEP should include positive behavioral interventions, supports, and strategies that enable the student to participate in school.

Homebound services is not an acceptable form of punishment. 

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