Extended School Year

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The Individualized Education Program (IEP) team should consider the student’s need to receive services beyond the typical school year. This is called extended school year (ESY). The need for ESY services must be considered for every student with a disability at each IEP meeting.

ESY services must be provided if the IEP team determines that such services are necessary for the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to the student. ESY is an individual decision and can’t be based on the type of disability or classroom placement.

Although ESY is generally thought of as a summer program, it can be provided during any school break. 

These documents explain that there must be at least one current IEP annual goal where significant concerns exist regarding skill maintenance during a break in services. A goal area of concern should represent skills essential to the progress of the student. A student may be determined to need ESY services due to:
1) A serious potential for regression of skills beyond a reasonable period of recoupment;
2) The nature or severity of the disability; or
3) Critical stages or areas of learning.

Once you understand the procedure for determining ESY, like every other IEP decision, look at the data available. All members of the IEP team should have access to the data being used to discuss ESY services.

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