Return To School

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This school-year will look different for all children, but there are extra concerns for children and youth receiving special education services. To help families return to school, Michigan Alliance for Families has gathered these resources to assist with finding your district’s plan, making decisions for your child, planning for success, and problem solving.

For additional support, connect with the Parent Mentor in your part of the state. 

Return to School Considerations
School is going to look different than it has in the past and your district’s Return to School Plan will lay out some of those details. This video provides guidance and things to consider as you decide what returning to school in the fall will look like for your child.

Return to School Conversations Webinar Series
As parents prepare for a new school year with unprecedented changes and challenges, our Parent Mentors answer the questions we’re hearing most often.

PBIS Strategies for Supporting Your Child’s Learning at Home
A three part webinar series focused on Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports, planning for your child’s transition back to school, and learning what you can do to support learning in your home

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