Foregone Learning, Recovery Services

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Parents can be prepared for this conversation by gathering data at home about their child’s progress during virtual instruction.
Recovery services may be needed for
  • students who did not receive special education services
  • students who were unable to access special education services during the spring/summer 2020 closure
  • students who have newly identified needs since March 2020 that may warrant recovery services for a successful return to school 
The data will be used to show the actual impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the child’s learning, as well as identifying new or emerging needs. 
Recovery services are not mandatory, but are recommended and should be considered on a continuum from least restrictive to most restrictive to ensure that the student receives FAPE in the least restrictive environment.
Recovery services
  • Must align with the IEP
  • May not necessarily replicate services currently in the IEP, including the frequency, duration and type of service
  • Are an effort to support the student in making progress in the general education curriculum without further delay
  • Must supplement, not supplant services provided as part of the current offer of FAPE
  • Are intended to support the achievement of IEP goals
  • Can be provided within the typical school day

Recovery services are not a required part of IDEA or MARSE, but is a beneficial approach for parents and districts to work together to help students. Parents still have all of their procedural safeguards and dispute resolution options.

In this video, Guidance to Address Foregone Learning for Students with IEPs as a Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic Webinar Teri Rink, Director of the Office of Special Education at Michigan Department of Education, reviews the guidance document. This guidance covers the consideration of recovery services to address the needs of students with disabilities who may have been additionally impacted by the loss of instruction due to the pandemic during Spring 2020.

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