• Accessibility Resources can help people of all abilities and disabilities use a computer.
  • The focus of Michigan Alliance for Families is support for special education,  The Arc Michigan has information on many other topics for people with developmental disabilities to be valued so that they and their families can participate fully in and contribute to their community
  • View a listing of Disability Rights, history, and connections.
  • It is against the law to discriminate against disabled people in various areas of their lives.  Learn about Discrimination here.
  • Our list of Financial Resources available in Michigan can connect you with state agencies.
  • A guardianship is a legal proceeding in court in which a guardian is appointed to exercise the legal rights of an incapacitated person (ward) and/or for the ward’s assets.  This legal proceeding deprives an individual of her/his right to be accommodated and supported in choosing and making decisions. Removing a person’s rights makes them more vulnerable, not less.  Learn about Alternatives to Guardianships, which support an individual to make choices and live a life that meets his or her needs.
  • Michigan Health and Wellness Resources include links on insurance, prescription coverage, and mental health.
  • Military families face unique challenges when seeking support and resources for their child with a disability.  Visit our webpage for Military Families to connect.
  • The words “NICHCY” and “NICHCY Legacy” can be found on many of the Michigan Alliance for Families webpages.  This information comes from a dissemination organization that is no longer funded.
  • By clicking the “Translate” button on the bottom of our page, our entire website can be translated.  We also maintain a list of Resources in Spanish, Resources in Arabic and Resources In Other Languages.
  • We have resources specific to Native American families.
  • Information on Respite Care might also be helpful for your family.
  • Great information on Self-Advocacy for a person with a disability.  Self-Advocacy is learning how to speak up for yourself and making your own decisions about your own life.
  • Learn more about Self-Determination, outlining the freedom and self-control of the civil rights of every American citizen.
  • Learn more about Transition to Adult Life for students with disabilities.
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